Mission, vision, values

It is the only federation in Romania formed by organizations of persons affected by HIV/AIDS, focusing on advocacy for promoting and protecting the rights of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania.

Since 2000 until present day, UNOPA defended and promoted the rights of HIV infected children, young people and adults and the rights of their families.

UNOPA fought for:

  • Access to free antiretroviral treatment continuously and non-discriminatory;
  • Equal access to medical services;
  • An adequate social system to the needs of people infected / affected by HIV/AIDS and the appropriate psychosocial support;
  • The right to nondiscrimination and social inclusion
  • The right to education and socio-professional integration

UNOPA is a national voice for (Target Group of UNOPA activities):

  • All PLWHA in Romania;
  • The families affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania;
  • The institutions or organizations that provide services for the PLWHA in Romania;
  • The specialists who work with PLWHA;
  • The PLWHA member organizations;
  • The community, the educational system, the employers in Romania.

UNOPA is a national voice through (Activities):

  • Promoter activity and Vice-president in the National Commission for Surveillance, Control and Prevention of the HIV/AIDS Infection Cases
  • Organizing press conferences, seminars, working meetings;
  • Organizing/ participating at public campaigns, protests, open letters, Call for Solidarity, manifest, press releases
  • Organizing exhibitions, shows and specific events
  • Publications (Monitoring reports, research reports, articles, Positive magazine)
  • Representation in court
  • Organizing campaigns to prevent transmission of HIV infection
  • Organizing campaigns to prevent discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS

UNOPA runs lobby and advocacy activities for:


  • promoting and protecting the rights of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  • influencing public policies in Romania in order to adapt to the needs of people living with HIV in Romania
  • quality public services, health and social

UNOPA is founding member and supports the activity of the Coalition of Organizations of Patients with Chronic Diseases in Romania, in the direction of building a unified voice for all patients in Romania, a partner in dialogue and consultation with authorities in order to develop policies and national health programs.

Principles of intervention:

Rights (universal and specific) – tools to reduce the physical and social vulnerability of PLWHA, to reduce HIV transmission and impact:

  • Support for leaders of children, youth and adults living with HIV/AIDS at all levels of response to HIV/AIDS
  • Support for institutional development of member organizations and the federation as a network
  • Support for social services offered by member organizations


A world where HIV infection is under control and HIV-positive people are equal members of a society that does not discriminate against them.


UNOPA’s mission is to promote and defend the rights of people living with and affected by HIV in  Romania.


We constantly fight for:
– The right to adequate social protection
– The right to education and socio-professional integration
– Equal access to services and healthcare
– Access to continuous, free and non-discriminatory antiretroviral therapy

The values we believe in are:
– Involving patients in the decision-making process
– Solidarity between members of the organization
– Transparency
– Non-discrimination and social inclusion
– Social equity
– Proactivity
– Equal chances

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